How to Remove Salesforce Mobile Verification

Nitin Gupta

In many cases, Salesforce verification code is not a big issue. You can Log In to Salesforce from an unknown IP address. A five digit code will be generated and send on your registered mobile number, by entering that code you get access to your org.

Screenshot (61).pngTo Remove Salesforce Mobile Verification, follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Enter five digit code, sent on your registered mobile number

Screenshot (62).png

Step 2:-

  • Click Setup
  • Click Manage Users
  • Click Users

Screenshot (66).png

Step 3:-Click User name

Screenshot (68).pngStep 4:- click Edit

Screenshot (59).png

Step 5:- Remove Mobile number

Screenshot (60)Screenshot (63).png

Step 6:- Click Save

Step 7:- Log In again in your Salesforce Org

Screenshot (64).png

You have successfully removed Salesforce Mobile Verification.

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